Activity schedule

Use the activity schedule worksheet to help you to monitor, plan and increase daily activities.

An activity schedule serves at least two purposes. First, it can help you discover how much activity you're doing and how rewarding it is for you. Second, an activity schedule can be used to plan a range of activities, inclduing self-care, routine tasks and duties, pleasurable activities, and time with friends and family.

You might like to start by keeping a record of your main activities throughout the day. If you're struggling to do as much as you would like, then perhaps just fill in one entry a day.

As you gradually increase the number of activities that you're capable of doing, you could record up to five a day, for example twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon and once in the evening.

For each activity, rate how much you experienced a sense of achievement, pleasure and/or connection to other people (where 0 indicates that the feeling was absent and 10 indicates that you experienced it to a very high degree). For example: "Friday evening: cooked and then ate evening meal with friend: Acheivement: 6, Pleasure: 5, Connection: 7".

Keep monitoring what you're doing throughout the week and then try to add activities that you think would help your situation or make you feel better. As you complete each planned activity, check it off using the "Click when completed" button. Each time that you have completed five planned activities either print the form, download it as a pdf, or email it to yourself. Soon you'll see how much you're capable of doing.

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You can email the details of the form to yourself (or your CBT therapist, if appropriate), print it out, or download it as a pdf. If you want to save your entries so that you can work on them later, you can click "Save". You can delete your settings by clicking on "Cancel" when the page is reloaded and they will be deleted automatically. You can also click the "Clear" button at any time to reset the form and delete your saved data. Saving the data uses local storage, which means your data is never passed to us. Some browsers do not allow local storage. If you have a problem saving, check whether a different browser, or a different device, might work better. Your confidentiality is very important to us so your saved data will never be sent to us or shared. If you use a shared device, or think that another person might get access to it, please consider the risk of accidentally breaching your own privacy before choosing to save, email or download your use of these resources.