Blue Print for Change

Use the Blue Print for Change worksheet to plan for the end of therapy.

Therapy is only one factor in developing lasting emotional wellbeing. We might even say that the work really starts once therapy has finished and you are living your life the way you want to.

In order to remember what you've learned in therapy it can be helpful to summarise what was important to you. This summary can help you carry on with the changes you've been making and give you the confidence to deal with an unexpected setback. Fill in each section in your own words then save what you've done so that you can revisit it if you feel yourself starting to struggle.

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What are the most important things that you've learned in therapy?
What are the most important changes that you've made?
What are your remaining areas of sensitivity or vulnerability?
What do you need to do to work on your sensitivities?
What danger signs will you, or others who know you well, notice if you're in danger of having a setback?
What steps should you take if you have a setback?
Who are your main sources of support?
What strengths do you have that have helped you to benefit from therapy?

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